Hello world!

So, this is my first (of many) blogs here at wordpress.com and I’d like to begin by saying “helllloooooo world!”
Or should I say world wide web? Hmm. Will ponder some.

Pondering over.

What is it y’all would like to know?
Musician, sing-songwriter, quite the geek, honest and loyal friend… wait, this is not a dating agency.

Let’s go with this…
I started writing songs when I was 14. For many years I just wrote for my own amusement. I still do but I like sharing what I’ve done. I posted a lot of the lyrics that I came up with on a message board that I frequent and got lots of positive feedback. I decided that I was going to record and share with people as I go along and see where it takes me. My material is of the Rock genre, mainly acoustical at the minute. I write about things that I like, the people that inspire me and that mean something to me (or generally something that pops into my head that I like the sound of). All the songs have meanings, you just have to listen and feel what it is you feel. So, enjoy and discuss. I will post lyrics and the stories behind them.

Well, I’ll leave it at that. The first rule of show business is always leave them wanting more. Who said that? Nevermind.
My music can be heard at myspace.com/laurenfurze

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,
Much love and hugs



2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Glad you started to blog too! I enjoyed reading it so far!



  2. Thanks for reading Yana



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