Explanation time…

Well, here’s a couple of blogs I wrote last year on Myspace about some of the songs I have written and the meaning behind them.

I’ll start with the songs that are currently on my Myspace music player

Saturday, September 13, 2008
The tale behind “Night Terrors”
Current mood: evil
I was sat trying to write an instrumental piece of music, or possibly a full length song, who knows… anyway, I was playing around with some stuff and then I played like this eerie rhythm that was just three notes. It didn’t really fit but it made me think about writing an eerie song about some horror film (thank you JoCo for the inspiring song Creepy Doll!)

As I thought about it, the song resembled more of a nightmare, like those you get after watching a horror film or possibly ones you might get in general. So the song turned into the tale of a nightmare. The victim being stalked and scared by some chainsaw wielding axe murderer (okay it’s a knife in the song, like some huge big butchers knife or machete) and is that terrified that they wake themselves up. Sound familiar?

I’ve never actually had a dream about an axe murderer or some guy with a knife and horror films don’t give me nightmares… How much do you want to bet tonight is the night that that happens?

Anyway enjoy the song, it’s one minute of your life you are never getting back. Mwuhahahaha!

Tale behind “BrendaBrenda”
Current mood: touched
Okay, I wrote this song, about Brenda in 90210. It’s only like a minute long but it’s a quick little something for all the fans to express their love for Brenda. Shannen did an interview on Ryan Seacrest yesterday and said that it was the fans who were the deciding factor of whether she did more episodes of 90210 or not. I thought that a song was the perfect way to show that people in the world would love to see more of her in the show!

I love Brenda and hope that she’s in more episodes later on in the series. But I also hope Shannen decides to do whatever she’s happy to do. I support her 100% (or 110% as the vid suggests :P) This is to let her know that were she to come back, she’d be loved.

So here it is, my unofficial campaign song for Brenda and Shannen. I just wanna stress that I am in no way demanding Shannen return, just saying that if she did I would watch and love the show, like I do with anything and everything that Shannen does!

I just want her to know that fans out there do love Brenda and want her around.

I’ve put it up for free download. Spread the song, lets get all the Brenda fans singing it and show Shannen she’s loved 😉

I love you all. You’re so wonderful. Thank you for all your support, love, strength and kindness!

*teary eyes*



Friday, March 13, 2009
So, over a year later I’ve finally got some form of a recording and I’m sending it to Shannen for her birthday this year. I hope she likes it I hope I don’t get sued! Kidding, she’d never do that.
So, I’m working on getting an EP recorded. Then some other tracks done too. I really gotta start gigging. Will definitely devote some of my Summer to that I think. Spread the word (or spread the nerd as it were).
Sights set. Target met? We’ll see soon hopefully.

I’ll post more as I add new songs. There are still a few older blogs about songs that I’d put demos of on the page. I’ll post them when new recordings are uploaded.

Be good, stay safe, love your loved ones and take care of each other.
A lotta love and good wishes


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