Mission Statement(s)

Okay, so I love to daydream and I decided to write down some of the goals I’ve set myself to accomplish in the next five to ten years… well, sorta. They’re in no particular order after number three.

1) Record EP
2) Record album
3) Gig
4) Play on The Ellen Degeneres show
5) Play with Pat Benatar and Jonathan Coulton (not at the same time but that would be cool if it was! Can just imagine us collaborating on Evil Genius)
6) Meet Shannen Doherty (well, that’s a goal in every day life for me. Haha)
7) Carry out a whirlwind tour across the globe, taking in the sites and sounds of the world

Okay, I’ll be serious. I’d love to one day tour with Jonathan Coulton as a support act and just to being on the same stage that Pat and Neil had graced would be an honour.

I do hope to record an EP soon, and then an album and then make them available to anyone who wants them. And gigs are definitely in my future. I’ve just gotta get out there! And one day it would be an honour to play on the Ellen Degeneres show. I adore Ellen, she has the greatest talk show in the world and it would mean I’d get to watch a taping haha. And well, anyone who knows me knows I wanna meet Shannen.

So, 1) EP 2) Album 3) Gigs

I’ll keep y’all posted.
Much love and hugs


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