Musician’s Log Stardate 15th June 2009

A productive day has descended upon me. A new track is now up at It is called “The Song” Song. I wrote it last year when I was having trouble coming up with lyrics for a song. The irony is that once a good friend of mine suggested writing about not being able to write a song (thank you Chuck!!!) the song was done in about 15 minutes. I channeled a few things into the lyrics;
1. Not being able to write out a viable story
2. Not liking the arrangement (which I so often do. I’ll complete something and 20 minutes later I won’t like it anymore)
3. Not being able to remember the lyrics I’ve written (so embarrassing but my memory is poor at times. It’s getting better though!)
So listen, enjoy and comment!

The other task I accomplished today was filming the live video as voted for by you (or the 5 people that voted for the song anyway. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!) I filmed it on my phone so the quality is not the best but it’s watchable.

Awestruck (By Shannen Doherty) – Lauren Furze

Much love and many hugs


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