Musician’s Log. Stardate 26th June 2009

Nothing much to report.
Trying to get some sort of guitar part sorted out for a bunch of lyrics I have. At this point in time the new song I’m working on is gonna be some kind of spoken wordy type thing, but knowing me, that’ll change and I’ll have to rewrite what I’ve written already.

I haven’t finished the video for Night Terrors yet. I apologise and will get to a.s.a.p.

But I’m happy that I have a gig, supporting my lovely friend D.J Sharman’s Blues Bar. He’s a great musician and a wonderfully kind guy. I thank him so much for allowing me to play and it also means I get to see him perform again. I do enjoy his sets.
 I’m excited and nervous and excited all at the same time. I hope everything goes alright, and if it doesn’t, that we can all laugh about it afterwards. Let it be a learning and growing experience for all. I hope that it will lead to more gigs though, not having much luck in securing anything else yet. Hope keeps me going, as does Jonathan Coulton covers!

Enjoying the quirky lyrics of Ugly Kid Joe and Meat Puppets. Reliving the 90s is always of great joy to me! We had some killer bands, some killer genres and some killer trends around in the beginning!

I’ll try to get more work done soon to share with you and will get that video up as soon as I can!

Much love, many hugs and much gratitude


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