Gig @ Hub Bar, Braunstone Gate, Leicester

Well, it’s getting closer and closer to my gig with the talented D.J Sharman’s Blues Bar and I gotta tell ya, I’m both excited and nervous. If you’re in the Leicester area come on by. I’m not sure on what I’m playing yet. I had written a setlist but now I’m thinking twice about it. I’ll be like this until I get up there.

Anyway, check out this flyer that D.J sent me today. I quite like it!

Gig @ Hub Bar 15th July 2009


In other news, I wrote a new song this week entitled “Destructo Girl”. It was inspired by Buffy Summers and Piper Halliwell, as well as  some personal experiences. It’s one of the most serious songs I have written in a while but I still think it’s a little nerdy in a few places. I just felt that once I had this line in my head that I needed to get the whole song out and at the end I really liked it and am proud to add it to my arsenal. With no studio access until after the summer I may have to do a live video of this one for y’all to hear it. I’ll set my sights on that sometime next week I think.

As ever, much love and many hugs


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