Gig @ Hub: A Review

July 15th at Hub supporting the talented D.J Sharman’s Blues Bar.

Man, did I have a blast? I did indeed!
I really enjoyed playing. My Mom came to see me play and she’d never heard any of my songs before so it was cool to see her smiling as I played and not totally embarrassed. She looked proud. I really did enjoy it though. Hub is a nice bar, a little small but it’s intimate and a great setting for an acoustic gig. I hope they have me back there!

My audience was friendly, I got applause and the only heckling came from my Mom and Miss McMoo who were just trying to make me laugh.

D.J Sharman’s Blues Bar was, as always, a treat to watch. Nothing like a drunken blues man to make you smile all night. His set was very funny, he played some great music and the entire bar was happy to have him playing. We all had a great time.

Some great music, some good drinks, some lovely people and one great night! Thank you so much D.J for having me come play with you. It was a blast!

Everyone please go check out his Myspace! And also check out some videos of me from the night filmed by my lovely friend Miss McMoo (thank you sweetie!!!). We had to film them on my phone so the quality isn’t the best unfortunately.

There up at youtube and on my Myspace page!


This one is one I’m a very keen for people to see. This is the new song I wrote last week, title Destructo Girl.  Listen out for my reference to Pat Benatar (Queen of Rock and one of my heroes!!!) and also listen out for the influence The Crow had on this song. I’d been wanting to write a song about not giving up on life for a few months after being inspired by the blog of the lovely Miss Bif Naked. I’d love feedback on this song so please check it out!


Well, that’s it for today. I’m gonna get on some songwriting in the next few days and finish these other songs I’ve been mentioning (two are missing two lines and then they’re complete!!) so more on those to come.

Be safe, take care, listen to Pat Benatar and watch Shannen Doherty!
Much love and many hugs



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