Musician’s Log. Stardate 25th August 2009

So, I’ve neglected my music updates on both here and Twitter for ramblings about Farscape (a.k.a. the greatest frelling Sci-Fi show in the world… I’ve been saying it for nine cycles!)


I wrote a new song entitled Time. It’s quite a serious song, kind of deals with some of the issues addressed in Destructo Girl (which can be heard in my video section at myspace). The song has a purpose, one that I can’t disclose right now but I really am fond of the song. I hope to record both songs once Uni starts up again in October. I really am stoked!! As soon as I have more news on either of them I’ll share.

I also have the idea for an instrumental piece. Once again, I have to wait until October to do anything with the ideas but I’m excited about the prospects.

There’s one new song in the works as well as some of the others I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve started and not finished.

I have quite a few songs to record. Considering doing some videos of me playing them just so I can share them.

Still need to finish syncing the video for Night Terrors but having issues. I’ll get there eventually.

So, all in all not a lot to report. Some new stuff to come and I’m really excited about it!

As I ever I hope this finds you well, happy and content. Take care of yourself and loved ones. Watch Charmed and Farscape, listen to Pat Benatar and have a great week!

Much love and many hugs


3 Responses to “Musician’s Log. Stardate 25th August 2009”

  1. Ohh emm geeee!~ I need to rewatch Charmed. I almost forgot how awesome that show is. Stargate/Farscape/Bones/NCIS kinda owns me right now. *sighhhh*

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