Christmas song?

I’ve been wondering, “should I write a Christmas song?” And I keep coming back to “NO!!!”
I rewrote “Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town” when I was like 13 or 14 and wrote lyrics about how bunnies were gonna kill everyone. That was quite funny (this was when I started my short stories about evil rabbits)

I’d love to write some kind of geeky christmas song, maybe about geeky gifts and christmas wishes. You know, all that stuff that commercial songs try to ignore but that’s what everyone things of when they think about christmas.

Really, would I’d love to do is cover some other christmas songs. Nerf Herder have some great christmas songs. I always listen to their christmas songs this time of year. Tenacious D wrote a great Christmas song with Sum 41. I’m gonna have to link to that one!

Maybe next year I’ll tackle a christmas song. This year, maybe I’ll do a  cover.

Ooh, one final song to mention. One of the nicest Christmas songs I love is Pat Benatar’s “Christmas In America” that her and Neil  (Giraldo) wrote after 9/11. Already listening to that one!

Enjoy the run up to christmas. Instead of stressing about gifts and christmas shopping, concentrate on how lovely your christmas is gonna be when all that is out the way and enjoy every minute!

Much love and many hugs


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