New demos

Hey guys and gals,

Got some new demos up at

Ballad of Carter went up last week. I wrote this song last year in October/November when attempting to write a song about something else… isn’t that always how it goes?
Well, this was around the time I started a Stargate SG-1 marathon and well, as all shippers know, you just want Carter and Jack to get it on!
I swear that I was trying to write a song about someone else but I just couldn’t get one particular line outta my head so I decided to write the rest of the song as if it was being sung by Carter.
I don’t own the rights to the characters, I’ve not used any names (except in the title) and this was just for a bit of fun. I’ve put it up for other Gaters and shippers to enjoy.

Girl and Her Wolf was inspired by the fantastic web series Riese. I wrote the song this afternoon so it could get changed but at the minute I really love it.
Sorry for the sound quality. I had to record them on my phone. However, I hope to have a better quality versions  coming for y’all soon

Much love and no lawsuits please!

For more Stargate goodness visit;


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