So I decided to make some artwork for the newest tracks that have gone up at myspace. I thought I’d post them here and also preview the art for the next songs to go up once I’ve finished recording and mixing them


Girl and her Wolf

Destructo Girl                            



My favourite out of all these has got to be the Girl and her Wolf artwork, mainly cause I did those trees myself. On paint!! The girl on the artwork for Destructo Girl  is actually the character “Goth Girl” that I created as part of my “Goth Girl and other misfits” art that I’ve been drawing for years… maybe I’ll use some of the other characters I created in the future on other artwork. But I drew her. Yup.

All artwork was created by me, using paper, pencils, pen and paint (the software)…. and photoshopping some items (i.e. the clock and guitar case)

Well, let me know what you think and which ones you’re favourite. Getaway and Time are hopefully coming within the next month or so, so check back soon.

Much love and many hugs


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