Musician’s Log. Stardate March 24th 2010

I had a killer evening last night.

Girl and her Wolf won a contest. The producers of Riese, the webseries that GAHW was inspired and based on, held a contest last month in which fans entered artwork, stories, poems, etc… all original work inspired by Riese. I entered the song and it was chosen as the first winner.

I think it’s safe to say, I totally freaked! I was so honored, really proud, that  my work was chosen. Producer Ryan Coople had some lovely words to say about it and even put a link up to myspace for people to hear it. It was surreal then to see my name pop up over various websites.

You may be thinking, “it’s just a fan contest” but I really am a proud Riese fan. I try to support the series the best that I can because Ryan and his team put so much work into it. I’m really honoured that they valued my work and it’s exposed some of the other fans to my music (my play count went up within minutes of the announcement)

Riese is currently down while the producers negotiate distribution for the series but go by a check out the site and see what’s going on. The series is fantastic and I hope y’all will eventually get to see it because it’s one of the best productions coming out of Canada right now a long with Sanctuary (which started life as a webseries)

Here’s the announcement. Check out the rest of the main site and the creator’s blog. They’re doing amazing things!
And listen to Girl and her Wolf at myspace

Much love and many hugs


3 Responses to “Musician’s Log. Stardate March 24th 2010”

  1. OMG, congratulations!!

  2. Claire Yarker Says:

    I am so proud of you hunny, you have worked hard on all of your music and now you are being rewarded for it, i really hope you enjoy your prizes and never stop giving us fantastic tunage and songs 🙂

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