Musician’s Log. Stardate March 30th 2010

Not a lot to report.

Just wrote a new song… and finally finished my alternate version of Ballad of Carter, Unrequited which deals with the same thing that BoC does, but it’s a bit more serious and not about Stargate SG-1 characters.

I’ve been thinking about doing another video. Not sure which song it would be for yet, and what kind of video it would be but it would be fun to do another one.

If you read this blog you may have noticed the new page entry “Tales of Modern Composition”. This is a diary I am keeping for one of my uni assignments. Hopefully things will become clearer with that and people will be interested in the work going on with it.

Girl and her Wolf play counts stands at 117 plays so far. It was 32 this time last week. So totally stoked! Thank you to everyone who listened to the song and thank you again to Ryan Copple and Team Riese for their hardwork on the series and for liking my song!

New song demoes coming in the next few days I hope. Check back soon!

Take care of yourself and loved ones. Much love and many hugs


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