Musician’s Log. Stardate April 18th 2010

Leaving Song is now up at myspace.

Written for my best friend who moves away for work for a little while, just to let her know that I’m so proud of her, will always be there for her and that I love her. Please listen and then send some luck her way.

I love you hun!



2 Responses to “Musician’s Log. Stardate April 18th 2010”

  1. Claire Yarker Says:

    just listened to your song sis and its really great. ohhh your soooo talented my sista…..I’m sure your friend will love it.

    • Thanks. It’s part of her scrapbook. She’ll be back in November but still, it’s gonna be tough not seeing her daily like I do atm and it’s gonna be even tougher for her being away for six months. So I did what I do best, wrote her a song that’s all for her and she’ll know that she’s never ever alone!

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