Musician’s Log. Stardate May 31st 2010

Wow, what a month! I played a paying gig (woohoo!!), I struggled with my best friend leaving and I finished university.
So now I’ve got to find a paying job (gulp!!) and in the meantime I’m filling the days with music and reading.

Playing three gigs this week (hopefully):
Friday 4th June @ Black Horse, Braunstone Gate, Leicester. 8PM
Saturday 5th June @ Fabrika/Independent Arts Centre, Humberstone Gate, Leicester. 12PM
Sunday 6th June @ Riverside Festival, Bede Park, Leicester. Time not confirmed yet.

Totally stoked! Gonna spend a lot of time playing my guitar this week in preparation.
Going to get some recording done too! And then work on mixes of some of the tracks up at myspace.

So, if anyone has any way work for me… I’m looking for anything within music. Getting some live work soon and recording too. I’ll land on my feet.

June is gonna see big things happening. I’ll make sure of it!


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