Joined The Radio Age…

Yes, yes I have joined the radio age. I am working as a volunteer for the wonderful arts festival Lyric Lounge, which is a site specific festival that explores and celebrates poetry, spoken word and literature. This is an exciting festival. I’m working with some very creative and passionate people.

For seven days in July 2009 The Y Theatre (Leicester, UK) transformed into The Lyric Lounge – a unique performance space celebrating the power of live literature. This year it’s taking place in a few cities but I am working at the event happening in Leicester at New Walke Museum on Friday 30th July, Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August. Let me tell you, I am stoked!

To advertise the festival, explain what’s going on and generally have some fun we are running a weekly radio show called Word! show with Lydia Towsey and Lyric Lounge volunteers. It’s a fun show. We talk about the festival, about poetry, about the workshops and events running around the city. We get to showcase music that we like and artists that are influential to us and we get to showcase our own work. It’s really an honour to be apart of it! The show runs every Wednesday from 12-2 (GMT London) and you can hear it online at This week I got to showcase Destructo Girl on the airwaves (which suprised the hell outta everyone in the studio who hadn’t heard it yet!) and got to talk a little about what inspired me to write it.

So here’s the first show. It has six parts and I will warn you, it’s a little quiet so I recommend listening to the show with headphones. Enjoy!

This is such a great experience for me. I love hanging out with creative types and discussing writing processes and being artistic… heh I like hanging out with people who are genuinely creative and  love what they do. It’s refreshing and it’s really inspiring to be around so many lovely people whose enthusiasm is infectious! I really admire poets. I think they have a much harder job than me… I can hide behind my music, I have that to help build interest and set mood and, well it’s part and parcel… it drives the song as well as the lyric. Poets have their words to stand by and to me that seems like a very naked and vulnerable thing to do… to be in front of people without the music there, I’d just freeze. I really respect the talent these people have (and I’ve only been working with the other volunteers, looking forward to seeing the people performing and running workshops at the festival!)

I hope that this will inspire me to write some new songs and finally finish the ones I’ve started working on. Mostly I just love getting involved and meeting new people and checking out Lydia’s pink hair (it’s so badass, it rocks!!!)

Hope you’ll follow the adventures as I’m sure to mention all the crazy ass stuff that’s gonna happen this month in future blogs and I’ll post the show weekly!

For now, please check back and please head over to myspace to check out some tunes!

Much love and many hugs


2 Responses to “Joined The Radio Age…”

  1. Hey, Lauren – wicked job girl, very, very nice article. Destructo Girl was great, was listening to it on the show again – so beautifully introduced too. See you Monday 🙂 Lydia x

  2. This is a nice blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

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