For Those Inclined To Madness…

The Lyric Lounge is a great place to be working! Well, what can I say? I love my volunteer job! It’s just a whirlwind of fun and creativity and hardwork and craziness. I love it!

For seven days in July 2009 The Y Theatre (Leicester, UK) transformed into The Lyric Lounge – a unique performance space celebrating the power of live literature. This year it’s taking place in a few cities but I am working at the event happening in Leicester at New Walke Museum on Friday 30th July, Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August. Let me tell you, I am stoked!

Some of the volunteers help run a radio show (see previous post for previous shenanigans)

Another couple of fun, crazy radio shows under our belts, both hosted by Tara Gatherer who did an amazing job, with some great chats, great interviews and some great music.
On last weeks show (July 7th) we interviewed Lydia Towsey, the artistic co-ordinator of Lyric Lounge, to find out more about the festival and all that was involved in it. Karen interviewed Mellow Baku who played some live music in the studio which was just amazing! I was really blown away by her. And Karen’s ability to interview is just wonderful. We discussed writing styles, there was breath-taking poetry readings (the people I work with on the show are so talented!!) and it was a lot of fun.
On this weeks show (July 14th) we had even more fun. Karen interviewed two people and she did an amazing job! She interviewed dancer Louise Katerega and composer Dave Dhonau, who also performed some live music in the studio for us which was incredible. These interviews were amazing, to hear what these people did for a living and how they worked and how they’re gonna be involved in the festival…. you have to hear these shows! Don’t you just feel suspense? I’m trying not to give too much away and now you’re curious, aren’t you? There was also more live poetry (again, it was amazing!) and some fun musical choices this week!

Go to to listen live on Wednesday’s at 12pm-2pm (That’s UK time so please adjust times to your time zone) or listen to the podcasts when they’re uploaded. So much fun, a great group of people run it. It’s a pleasure to be part of it.

Today saw some more Lyric Lounge volunteer meetings in prepartion for the amazing Lyric Lounge festival which I think everyone should be at. Todays meetings were very creative. Worked on ways to get the general public and museum wandering people involved and interested in the festival and it saw some very creative ideas happening… the human fridge that I worked on is just a very unique and fun thing that I’m happy to be apart of. If you wanna know what I’m talking about you’d better come down to New Walke Museum to find out 😉 It also saw us writing, something that I have neglected for a while. I realise that the last song I wrote (and I mean completed) was Leaving Song which was the song I wrote for my best friend. It just shows what my heads like. But yes, back to writing at todays meetings. Yes, it was a little nerve wracking at first to try to overcome the slump and I enjoyed myself. I don’t think what I wrote was necessarily good, but it’s put ideas in my head and I’m going to make myself turn it into a song!! Yes, if I say it here it will happen…. okay, I’ll probably add it to the list of “songs in the work” but I will do it! Yes! … It was a great experience, some of the stuff Lydia (I mentioned her earlier… you may have forgotten because I tend to ramble. If you’re still reading, thank you!!!!!) talked about this afternoon has really inspired me to go back to the drawing board and stop procrastinating on writing these songs. I was getting so frustrated because I was constantly trying to outdo myself instead of just writing and improving after first and second drafts. You can’t always make a masterpiece the first time round! I may have lost the inspiration for them but I think I can get it back now!! Yay. *Happy dance* I can’t wait to pick up my guitar and just write write write write and strum… strumming the guitar is important!

So, if you’d turn your attention to the…. right side of the page (yes, I had to figure out my left and right then. Fail!), the right side of the page and scroll up a bit you’ll see my “show your support for…” section of sites and/or blogs that I feel deserve attention and support. Now added to the list is Lydia Towsey. Show her support! I work with her a lot. She’s an amazing poet, a lovely person and a pleasure to work with. I have a lot of respect for her (although I am mean to her on occassion… out of affection of course!!!), she works hard and she’s always conscious to make sure everyone’s having a good time and feels valued. Most importantly, she puts up with me! So send some love her way!

And check out and the Lyric Lounge website will be live soon so keep lookin’ out for

And please, go over to my myspace and listen to some tunes! And keep checking back for more tales from the Lyric Lounge, there’s sure to be many more!

As ever, thanks for reading. Much love and many hugs


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