We Want The Airwaves

Yes, there have been more radio shenanigans this week. You can hear this weeks show here.

Every week I have more and more fun with the crazy people that I adore! This week saw more music, more amazing poetry…. I tell you, the people on this show are some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. They fill me with a sense of awe and amazement. Interviewed this week were Bobba Cass, who is the most energetic, loving and funny man ever, and Damien Walter, who loves sci-fi so he’s definitely a great guy in my book. Geeks unite!

More rambling from Lydia and a lot of laughter and good times with a group of people I’ve come to think of as friends.

This week I played Here’s To You, I was nervous as hell about it because I’m surrounded by so many talented people but they’re all very supportive!

Can you tell I’m multi-tasking right now? Getting ready for tonights gig at Soundhouse Leicester (come down and help me celebrate graduating… yes, I graduated HND Music Technology this morning… wow, I’m getting off topic!)

Really, all I have to say is, go listen to the podcast because we had so much fun doing the show, there are two amazing interviews and some great music.

Much love and many hugs


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