In Need Of Some Constructive Criticism

This is one of the songs on the “started but not completed” list… it’s almost there but I need some advice/constructive criticism. Please read and let me know what you think and what could be improved. I don’t usually do this, I usually add music and hammer out the details each time I play it. But there’s just something about this one…

I’m the shadow that follows behind
A thought at the back of your mind
Walking alone with me in tow

The one that walks behind

No clouds in your sky
The sun shining high
While your day shines bright

To me you turn a blind eye

Blue turns to grey
As warmth fades away
Now in need of light
You turn my way

When the sun’s gone from your eyes
This shadow’s nowhere to find
Now you’re alone, alone to roam
I’ve gone to find some sun of my own

Much love.


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