Last Weeks Radio Exploits

Oh, I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. Crazy hectic and amazing weekend that I’m still recovering from.

Yes, last weeks show was a lot of fun. Our dear Ms Towsey left us on our own to run wild and I think we coped without her… just barely!

What a show! We had so many guests. Tim Clarke, artist in residence at Lyric Lounge. He’s lovely and a very talented artist. We had James Black (if you’ve listened to the first show then you’ll know we love James… and his name) who came on to tell us about Citizen’s Eye and their reporting on the run up to the festival. I interviewed The Book Doc. I adore Alison and I was really happy to talk to her. She made me laugh. And then poor Andrew, The Museum man as we nicknamed him, came to talk about the museum and all the exhibits.
Some more insane music choices that linked into all our workshops. I was really proud of myself for finding a song about knitting. It was no small task!
There were more poetry readings, I even read out some new lyrics that I have rewritten since then with some feedback from the gang. And my writing was completely overshadowed by the rest of the amazing work that was read out!

As ever, so much fun with a group of people that I have come to call friends. So check it out here

No show today, but it’ll be back in all it’s craziness next week.

Much love


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