Age of Innocence

For anyone who knows me well, you’ll know that three of the most important people in the world to me are my cousins. I have five but I am especially close to the youngest three. When the youngest was born I decided to write a song for the three of them… last night I found my old songbook and the start of the song. Two years later I’ve finished lyrics.

With the electric off I sat in my room surrounded by candles and curled up on the floor with my iPod and my notebooks to sit and write, inspired by the candlelight. It was beautiful. I worked on lots of unfinished work and channeled such calm and love into it. I was sad when the electric came back on and I ran around turning all the lights off again. I’m going to eventually get round to writing a guitar part for this but I just wanted to share. Please, let me know what you think.

Age of Innocence

With happiness you smile
As you’re playing all the while
Innocent eyes beam with joy
Special little girls and a special little boy

Open arms wide
And wrap you up inside
A hug so tight, I can’t let go
I love you more than you’ll ever know

Your laughter brings a smile to my face
As you’re running all over the place
There isn’t a moment when you’re sitting still
And you make me giggle against my will

Watch over you while you’re playing
Listen to every word you’re saying
I find your sense of wonder amazing
And I love the fact that you are crazy

It’s a special bond we share
Even though I’m not always there
You know I love you; that I always care
A relationship like ours is rare

Before I know it you’ve crawled, you’ve walked, you’ve spoke
And in the blink of an eye you’re two and three and eleven years old
And soon you’ll come into your own
Into incredible people you’ll grow

You’ll never have to be afraid
I’ll be there every step of the way
I’ll be there to hold your hand
At your side I’ll always stand

But for now, keep those innocent eyes
And keep that happy smile
You’ll always be in my heart
And will be until the end of time


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