You know, to me the best thing about being a musician, singer-songwriter, writer, etc. is not about making money – in fact I make no money from it – it’s about making myself happy, enjoying what I do and making my Mom proud of me for following my dreams, making my Dad proud of me for putting myself out there, making my Grandparents proud, making my friends proud… These are the people that love and support me and their validation and their genuine enjoyment of what I do is just so rewarding.

I mention this because today I showed my Nan the Age of Innocence poem/lyrics I’m working on because we’d spent the afternoon with two outta the three cousins it’s about. And she really loved it. She thought it was so sweet and told me I should have it written out “nicely”. I think she meant published… she’s always telling me to do big productions on everything! It was just nice. I was so nervous about showing it to her.
I showed it to the eldest of the three cousins, Beth, yesterday and she loved it which really made my day.

I was just watching an interview on YouTube with Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor talking about “success” and it sparked this post. I don’t care about being famous, I enjoy playing, I love writing, I love performing (and my stage fright is getting better). My family and friends urge me to do it and I thank them for their support!

Much love


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