Geeks Unite


I have just returned from a great two week holiday in Kissimmee/Orlando, Florida. Two weeks in a house with 10 family members. Sometimes we wanted to kill each other but we had a lot of fun together, riding rollercoasters, playing in the pool and having adventures in the US.

Marvel land at Universal Island of Adventure; I swear I had died and gone to heaven!! I want to be buried there. I had an amazing time on the Spiderman and Hulk rides and shopping in the Marvel shops. I also loooooooooooved Star Tours at Disney Hollywood Studios. Went on that many times and spent a fortune in the Star Wars shop there afterwards! Also hit Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Universal Studios; rollercoaster fun had at all and I got to geek out often!

I got to meet one of my favourite bands while I was over there. The great, the wonderful Sci-Fried. For those who have never listened to Sci-Fried, Sci-Fried are a geek rock band from Florida who specialise in writing songs about all my favourite shows, films and things. I love them! And through a strange twist of fate we have ended up friends and they invited me to come visit them at their studio while I was over there. Let me tell you, it was a fantastic time! I got a tour of the Star Trek and Star Wars filled/covered studio, I got to preview the new album that will come out next year, I got to hang out and chat with the guys and they gave me a whole bunch of swag (tshirts, posters, etc.) to bring home with me. I am a freakin’ walking Sci-Fried advertisement! But the guys were so amazingly lovely. They spent ages telling me stories and talking about their music. I got to tell them a little about mine and they gave me tips on working in the music industry which was really nice.

I did miss the Word! show gang; my lovely lovely friends who sent me radio-love while I was away. I really thank them for that! They are a great bunch of people and I’m really honoured that they are in my life. And of course I missed the rest of my friends and my family. It’s been lovely catching up with people this week.

So, I was fully intending to return focuses, inspired and ready to write and play and record and well… that hasn’t really worked out. I’m not exactly sure what my plans are at the minute. I’m very tired from jetlag and being unwell. May have possibly pulled/damaged/strained muscles around my stomach which is causing me a lot of pain and discomfort.

I did do some writing while I was away. I enjoyed looking out the window of the plane over America and was writing about what I saw below. It needs some work and I’m not really sure it will make it to becoming a song but it’s really the only thing I have to work on while I feel so blah!

I feel like that’s such a downer – I can’t end this post like that! My brother returns to college next week meaning RECORDING TIME! Empty house which means I can work on some new demos. Yay! Check back next week for more details

Much love


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