Musician’s Log. Stardate September 19th 2010


Wow, what an eventful month August and September (so far) have been.

Two week holiday at the end of August.

I came home to radio madness with the Word! show. I recorded this months Word! evening and have been steadily editting and mixing the recordings for the Word! show on September 29th. That’s been a lot of fun. I’ve not had a lot of experience with live recordings and it’s been a nice challenge and experience and I’m totally stoked about doing it every month for as long as they’ll have me there doing it. It’s nice to get to use my skill set to contribute to something that I really care about and enjoy doing. Feel very lucky and thankful for good friends giving me good opportunities.

I’ve been writing new stuff. I finished a second draft of a new song that’s currently called Skeletons which is the most personal thing I’ve ever written. Because of this reason I’m really taking my time completing it. Really taking a good look at it and what I wanna say and redrafting it a lot. I will share it when I feel it’s ready to be… I hope that will be soon. I’m just too damn picky I guess.

Also began work on some geeky horror inspired lyrics as well just for a bit of balance. I can’t get all serious for too long! I did a workshop at the start at the month and at least two song ideas have sprouted from it. Thank you Pam and Keith for an inspiring time!

Began an internship at a studio in town as well. Been discussing songwriting, arrangements, mixing, etc with co-workers all week long and feel inspired to get creative… well, once I’ve got my Word! mixes finished I will get creative on my own music anyway! Lovin’ working at the studio though. I’m learning, I’m remembering stuff I’ve learned in the past, I’m having new experiences and meeting new people. Setting up rooms for band rehearsals, talking “shop” and I can still fit in my volunteer stuff with Word! and Lyric Lounge. Happy happy!

Ooh, who’s heard Pins And Needles from The Birthday Massacre? Totally obsessed with it this week. It’s very inspiring! A lot of my lyrics have been kinda dark and TBM-like recently and the new album is making me think that I may have to do some music experiments soon and get out of my funk with my guitar playing!

Lyric Lounge next month!! Excitement! Lyric Lounges are life changing. I felt and still feel completely inspired by the last one and I’m get to experience another one… well, I feel damn lucky!

Hmm, can’t think of anything else to ramble on about….

I feel like my life is starting to fall into place. I was in this dark tunnel and I couldn’t see a way out to the light at the end but now I think I’m starting to reach it. I’m doing so many things I love and I feel like I’m accomplishing something.

Much love


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