In Loving Memory

In my previous post I talked about a friend. Collette, a dear friend of my family, someone I love deeply, passed away Thursday 25th November 2010. I wanted to write something for her. This is dedicated to a wonderful woman…


The moon filled the night sky with her beauty.
She shined with warmth and grace and the stars were always happy for her company.
They looked to her for guidance.
They looked to her for strength.
They looked to her for compassion.
They looked to her for friendship.
They loved her.

One day the stars noticed her waning.
Their hearts ached.
They did all they could to help her to continue to smile on the world.
The moon was strong, her glow bright and beautiful but each day her radiance faded.

An eclipse happened.
The stars wept in the night sky, empty without her glow.
Then they noticed a miraculous thing.
The sea continued to swell; to rise and fall.
Tides turned and the stars knew the moon’s presence wasn’t gone from the world.
She’d always be with them.

Rest in peace Collette. We all miss you xxx


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