Sci-Fried’s “Future Tense”: A Review


In the not so distant future the decaying world economy forced a brilliant team of scientists to launch a secret initiative. This initiative would forever change the course of events that have placed the human race on the brink of extinction. They sent one band back in time to alter the course of events in the hope that changing the past would save the future.

The project – Future Tense.  The band – Sci-Fried.

Never heard of them? They’re a band that rock; populated with nerds. Badass rockers when they take the stage. The Force is strong with them. Get ready to believe! Get ready to be Sci-Fried!


Future Tense is the third album released by Sci-Fried. And what an album it is!

Geek Rock

This song is truly a defining moment for geek culture and displays nicely why I’m such a fierce supporter of Sci-Fried! They are the definition of geek rock! Being a geek is something to be proud of. This song lays out just want Sci-Fried are all about and what geek rock can become. Redefining geek rock! Such an inspiring song, especially for songwriter like myself. Amazing guitar solo at the end here!

LV-426 (Aliens)

I just love the lyrics! Just when you didn’t think Aliens could be more badass, you hear a song like this! Fantastic music, especially the build up towards the end. Fantastic vocal samples from the film performed by the band. This song is at its best when listened to on headphones to make full use of the panning done on the samples. I swear, I was walking down the street listening to this track yesterday and one of the samples sounded like it came from me and scared me to death! Perfect for an Aliens song! Amazing music from Chuck, Sunni and Dammit Jim here!

Chosen One

I love 8-bit! So when I heard the intro of this song I freaked the hell out! A nice rap. I challenge you to listen to this and not want to get your console out and play games! Just goes to show there’s always someone in the world that understands you and your need to game.  Now I gotta go play some while I can use this song to explain not leaving the house for 40 hours…

Foiled Again (Legion Of Doom)

Those poor unlucky bastards… Don’t you just feel bad for the Legion of Doom after hearing this?! I kind of want them to succeed – just once – and feel a little better about themselves. Lovely guest appearance from Marc With A C again (he appeared on the Christmas song “Star Wars Christmas”) Hope to see more collaborations in the future!

We’re Ready To Believe You (Ghostbusters)

What was the name of that song in the Ghostbusters movies? Who You Gonna Call? Frak that! It’ll never catch on. This should be the Ghostbusters 3 theme song! Frak calling Ghostbusters… call Sci-Fried!

Possibly the best song on the album. Very catchy, very fun and makes you wanna grab your nearest phone. The guitar riffs on this song are amazing – but the bass riff and drum beat on the verses are outstanding.

Tech Support

There could be worse ways to get your computer fixed! Right? How many times have you been asked to fix someone’s computer? Someone’s iPhone? I know on occasion I’m asked to “look” at something because I’m into all that “nerdy stuff”. Haha. This is a great little anthem for all the unpaid tech support of the world. It’s worth offering to help someone with their computer problems just for an excuse to play this song. Clever lyrics. Great trumpet performance too!

Embrace The Darkside (Star Wars)

Frak being a Jedi kiddies – join the darkside! This was the Emperor’s downfall when trying to turn Luke – he didn’t have a killer 80s metal track. If Luke had heard this song then Return of The Jedi would have ended very differently! Complete with epic 80s guitar solo.

Looking Back At Today

Where’s my damn robot?! Seriously, I am pissed about this too! I have to make my own damn bed every day. What’s up with that?!  There’s so much to love about this song… mostly because you spend the whole song going “hang on… he’s got a point there!”  I want my damn robot! Definitely a challenge to the scientists and techno-geeks of today.

The Away Team (Star Trek)

Everyone needs a Star Trek song and this is personally my favourite of all of Sci-Fried’s Star Trek songs. This just rocks! Pounding drums, heavy guitars. The chorus is an anthem! And of course the lyrics are fantastic! You know you’re in good hands when they beam down the away team to take care of things. This could be a great reality TV show – or a Robot Chicken sketch!

A Silly Song (Monty Python)

Proud to be a Brit!

I had the pleasure of hearing this amusing track when I visited SFC in August 2010. I’ve been really excited about this one coming out! Great to see that the boys can pull of something like this without it being so silly that you hate the song. I’ve been bouncing around to this for days! As with most Sci-Fried songs, the best parts are the little one liners from the series that they add in between the lyrics! I have to commend KSV on his performance… and commend everyone on all the little SFX that the band created themselves. A must for all Python fans! Captures the spirit and silliness well.


This song has one hell of a guitar solo! This is better than “The Great Escape”. There needs to be an epic Area 51 escape movie because this song was made for it!

Serenity Lost (Firefly)

Frak you Fox! Long live Firefly!

Captures the heartache of Browncoaters everywhere whilst also being a great overview of what was a great series. Great hints at the Firefly theme in both the guitar part and the lyrics. A convention hit, for sure!

Vampires Suck

This brings back to focus how vampires should be portrayed. I hate Twilight! Hence why my favourite part of the song is “no more beaches, no more beer; vampires sparkle if they’re queer”. Thank you boys!

So Far From Home (Stargate)

Frak you Syfy! Long live Stargate!

Sci-Fried let the beauty of one of my favourite franchises live on through this driving song. Sure to be a convention hit with all the Gaters still mourning Syfy’s decision to axe the newest series. Picturing a lot of P90s held high…

Evil Dead Guy (Evil Dead Trilogy)

Aren’t those drums just the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard? What an intro!

I’ll admit to being a bad geek and having not actually seen the Evil Dead Trilogy before hearing this song*. Loved the song that much I watched all the movies and this song really conveys a sense of the films so well – dark and evil. Some great lyrics and KSV’s performance and Dr Vern’s voice are perfect for the topic of song. Rob Zombie’s gonna be jealous he didn’t write this one!

(*Evil Dead had been on my list of must-see-movies for far too long and this finally pushed to watch it. Thanks boys!)


Who knew the invasion of planet earth would have a beat you could dance to?


Okay, that was me talking as a geek. Now I wanna talk as a sound engineer. Really well recorded. Really well mixed. Excellent arrangements. Massive amount of parts on each song and impressively mixed and layered, especially the multiple vocal tracks. Excellent production. And as always, the best part of a Sci-Fried album are the SFX and voice samples that they throw in. All recorded themselves and they are always amusing and add even more humour to the songs. There are some great ones on this album!

Geeks making sound with varying tempo? Indeed! “Geek Rock”, “So Far From Home” and “Evil Dead Guy” will have you moshing so fiercely your neck will never be the same again. “A Silly Song”, “Tech Support” and “Invasion” will have you dancing. “Serenity Lost” and “Foiled Again” will have those lightsabres waving high and proud. The guitars are incredible, supplying ample air guitar opportunities. The drums and percussion are outstanding. Great vocals from both Dr Vern and KSV.

This has been a labour of love for Sci-Fried and all their hard work has paid off. I think this is the best of all their albums! Every song rocks hard and shows a great love and knowledge of its topic. There’s something here for almost every geek, no matter where you fandom lies. I’m a very proud Sci-Fried fan today.

Sci-Fried are an independent band. They have no label backing – completely self-sufficient. Fund their albums themselves and depend on their fan support. Please order Future Tense from them. Order Geeks Unite and Ramming Speed also (two fantastic albums that I proudly own) for more fandom fun including Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Heroes and many more Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate songs.


Future Tense is out March 25th.

We are all Sci-Fried!


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