Musician’s Log. Stardate March 28th 2011

First of all, I wanna say happy birthday Lucy Flawless Lawless!! Who doesn’t love her, right? I was a massive Xena fan as a kid and an even bigger fan as I get older. Lucy was the first hero in my life.

Howdy. Been a while since I posted anything other than Sci-Fried praise. Heh. So in love with Future Tense. Amazing album. Anyone go and order it after my review? If you didn’t, you’re missing out!!

It’s really been inspiring me to go back to writing some new songs (or in some cases finishing ones that I’ve started) and so far I’ve got a few new ideas. One song I’m working on is a Xena themed song (hense the shoutout to Ms Lawless at the start). So far it’s got a kickass chorus! Oh yeah. And working on making this a rockier tune than some of my previous work. I’m a little tired of the acoustic sound. Not whilst performing, I’ll probably stick with that, but as I write and eventually record I wanna try something different. Besides, I think it will lend itself to the subject more considering how much Xena rocks! The working title is Two Against The World and I’m hoping it’ll tell the tale of Xena and Gabrielle’s lives/adventures. I’ve probably gotten myself in over my head with this one but I’m determined to write a song worthy of my geek rock idols!

Got a few other ideas formulating. Happy to be writing again!

Not a lot to report otherwise. Busy being a tech at work, working on a recording project with Leicester band Temple of Lies (recommend them to grunge/metal fans for sure!) and working hard on WORD! things as well. It’s all go and all fun and I’m feeling a sense of balance and excitement at it all.

Would also like to plug Riese The Series. For anyone who knows my song Girl And Her Wolf, it was inspired by and based on the web series. It gets it’s UK premiere tomorrow at Make sure you check it out!




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