Musician’s Log. Stardate April 30th 2011

Woah. A whole month without an update.
Well, well… I’ve been having fun writing songs. Mostly. Had my head stuck in my notebook the past few weeks and my hands on my guitars trying to complete a couple of songs.

One, a Xena-inspired song, is really stumping me though. I’ve written the chorus to it but not sure how to approach the verses. That one’s on the back burner for now but I promise you, it’s coming!

The song that I’m really geeking out  happy about is my song on the topic of fangirls and shipping.

Shipping, derived from the word relationship, is the belief that two fictional characters, typically from the same series, are in a relationship, or have romantic feelings that could potentially lead to a relationship.

I’m quite proud of this one. It’s been a lot of fun to write because I am an avid shipper and have quite a lot of fun discussing ships with friends. I’ve been getting lots of support on Tumblr writing this one and major support from the GAGD gang. Tumblr is like shippercentral for fangirls, I swear! I hope everyone finds it fun and relates to it in someway.

So I promised a few people a demo of the song because they loved the lyrics and wanted a rough idea of what it was going to sound like. I swear I was going to do something of a higher quality than this but the CPU on my laptop is beyond frakked and my laptop kept crashing whenever I tried to do anything more complicated in Pro Tools. Once I have some studio time at work I’ll get to working on this in it’s full arrangement (I’m talking full band… fingers crossed!!!) This is just to show it off to people really…

I’m not sure what to call this song either. If you have any suggestions and/or comments please leave a message at the bottom of the page.

And another new love song is in the works. Also Xena-inspired. Check back for more on those developments.

I don’t think I mentioned this yet but I’m now on Facebook go ‘like’ my page and keep up-to-date with my latest nerd happenings. I’m updating that more often that twitter with what I’m writing about. I think there’s a link on the side of this site somewhere…

Much love,
Geeks unite!


4 Responses to “Musician’s Log. Stardate April 30th 2011”

  1. I love it (though am not surprised)! The lyrics are clever, and I’m really liking your arrangement! 🙂

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Hmmm….name suggestions:
    A Fangirls Prerogative?
    All Aboard the SS Fangirl?
    Subtext, but less of the sub?

    That’s all I got for now…I may add more later. *nods*


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