Musician’s Log 2.0. Stardate June 16th 2011

Okay, so I do actually have an update as a musician and not a crazed fan… well, actually it is as a crazy fan but… well you’ll see.

So I mentioned last month that I was working on at least two Xena-inspired songs. I have the first draft of lyrics for one completed! I’m also, finally, working on the Sanctuary song I started thinking up ideas for before Christmas. But I wanna talk about the Xena song.

I made a joke on Tumblr about some little line Xena would sing to Gabrielle about her abs… and well, the song went from there. It’s Xena’s attempt at writing something for Gabrielle as like a present. I’ve been getting encouragement from fellow Xenites who share my opinion that Xena and Gabrielle were indeed married! This goes back to the shipper song I completed a month or so ago… (check previous posts)

So, here’s the first draft.

Here… I Wrote This For Ya

You know I’m not good at talking
Words are really your thing
But I’m giving this a try
Seeing as it’s only for your eyes…
I know I haven’t always treated you good
I’m usually in a dark and angry mood
You bring me outta that in your special way
I love you more than I can say

I’m sorry I made that crack about your hands
And used your top to tie up that man
And for the time I used messed with your scrolls
And when I put that eel in your bedroll

Your abs are fine
O’ bard of mine
With a smile that lights your face
And that cute, firm… embrace
I love the things you do
I love your perky… attitude
Even your talent for getting kidnapped
Put the wammo on my heart and now I’m trapped

You are the best thing that ever happened to me
The light that guides me
My soulmate to the end of eternity
Not that I deserve you after what I used to be

There you go. Been writing guitar for it all afternoon so hopefully I’ll have some idea how it’s gonna sound sometime soon. Please, leave me comments, criticisms, Xena/Gabrielle references you might like to see included and anything else you wanna say about it!

Thanks for reading!
Blessed be.

Shippers unite 😉


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