Musician’s Log. Stardate June 16th 2011…. aka WHY MY LIFE IS AWESOME!

Yes, the title changed slightly for this post but what a weekend I had!

So, I went to see Jonathan Coulton at Union Chapel, London on Saturday 11th June. I love that man!
He’s one of my biggest inspirations. He inspired me to learn to record, to write nerdy songs and become a solo artist and acoustic musician. He’s the reason I do what I do!

And so I went to see him. I sat with the biggest smile on my face the entire night.
Paul and Storm were excellent, as always, and very entertaining and inspiring in their geeky ways!
But JoCo was just mind blowning. His songs are genius! Amazing gig. He played a lot of my favourites and I even got to see “Blue Sunny Day” which I didn’t expect. He did a few of the songs of his new album out later in the year and I’m really excited about it. It sounds like it’s gonna be a good one!

And Jonathan Ross and his wife sat in the front row of the chapel. Paul pulled her up during a song which was hilarious! And as ever it was fun to pretend to be a pirate (Captain’s Wife Lament) and then a zombie (Re: Your Brains)

But the icing on the cake was the end of the gig! Paul, Storm and JoCo all came out and signed autographs and posed for photos! I GOT TO MEET JOCO! A MAN THAT HAS INSPIRED ME FOR YEARS AND HAD  A PROFOUND IMPACT ON MY LIFE! And I stood plugging Sci-Fried to him… pretty sure he thought I was nuts. But Sci-Fried inspire me just as much and I wanted to share the Sci-Fried love!

Me with Paul and Storm

Me and JoCo

So that’s why my life is awesome this week!

Thank you Universe. Thank you Paul and Storm. Thank you JoCo.


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