Chosen One

I’m totally slacking on my updates this month….

So, anyone who knows me know that my favourite band in the world Universe is Sci-Fried.

They rock. True story. In fact, they rock so much that they have their own video game! Another true story.

Chosen One is an RPG based on the song of the same name. It’s modelled on old school RPG games, the likes of Legend Of Zelda, and it features band members KSV, Dr Vern, Dammit Jim and Chuck on a quest to save the princess from the evil warlord Sunshine (it’s an ironic nickname!) Sunshine also happens to Sci-Fried bassist! There’s lots of references to a host of fandoms, games and general geekdom. It’s easy to play. The design and look of the game is quite cool (it was fun to spot all the Sci-Fried things in different areas of the game). It’s a great running commentary for anyone who’s ever played and enjoyed an RPG video game.

It features their friends as characters along the way… and I get to be the wisecrackin’ fairy, sent to aid the quest. Yup, I feature in the game as the fairy guide to KSV which doubles as the game menu.

Let me tell you that is the greatest thing in the world! I am so touched, happy, hyperactive, goddamn excited that they did that for me! I admire Sci-Fried so much, really look up to them as musicians and songwriters and nerds and this is the treatment I get. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GUYS!

So, yes, I have motivations for people playing this game. Bragging rights. Spreadin’ the Sci-Fried love. The total epicness that is a quality, entertaining game. Not to mention it features some awesome 8-bit versions of some of my fave Sci-Fried tracks.

Please support a talented band.

Download Chosen One FREE from their site and check out their music today!

Me with Chuck, Dr Vern and KSV of Sci-Fried


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