Musician’s Log. Stardate August 22nd 2011

Wow, it seems like forever since I’ve posted something here. I’ve been working on new stuff so it’s not like I’ve just forgotten about this place.

Currently working on about five things. Gods, stressful trying to organise a thought but it’s fun and it’s nice being able to move between ideas when I reach a block in one. So my current works in progress revolved around Xena (yes, that same song is still being written… trying to perfect it!), Buffy, love, childhood and Sanctuary… I’m excited and trying to get something completed soon.

I’ve been listening to lots of nerd rock and nerdcore artists lately and am feeling very inspired. Really got into The Bossfights lately. Highly recommend them. They are like a nerdy, more hardcore Linkin Park…. very talented guys! And they are teaming up with Sci-Fried on SF’s next project! Let me tell you, I thought my head was gonna explode when that was announced! Gods, I want to so badly see both of those bands tour together and this is just like a match made in heaven for me.

I wanna make a video. I really wanna make a video. I guess I gotta have some better recordings of songs. But what would I make a video for? I’d love to do a Xena video with that being my current obsession at the minute…. or a Stargate one. I gotta get me some cosplay stuff! Ha.


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