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Now On Tumblr

Posted in Me, Music, Videos on July 19, 2011 by TheFifthSister

Hey guys,
I set up a tumblr page to share things like songs, lyrics, videos…. general comments that aren’t long/important enough for a full length entry here. If you’re on tumblr please come follow me.


Lauren Sings Stargate

Posted in Music, Videos with tags on October 22, 2010 by TheFifthSister

I recorded this last week but I forgot to update this blog with it *headdesk*

So last week I was looking for some inspiration and fun so I was playing Ballad of Carter on my guitar and I was thinking about how much I’d love to do a video for it. Well, you can probably guess where my train of thought went after that…

And because it’s such an excellent song I’ve also done a cover of Sci-Fried’s Stargate parody PX-75309. One of my all time fave bands and I had a blast playing that one!

So here’s my Stargate song vid. Enjoy!


Please check out Sci-Fried and all their other sci-fi themed music at


Much love

Musician’s Log. Stardate August 10th 2010

Posted in Just talking, Lyric Lounge, Music, Videos on August 10, 2010 by TheFifthSister

No one’s around and I feel like talking so I thought I’d post yet another ramble here.

Wow, great couple of months. I really really enjoyed Lyric Lounge as I have stated in that frelling long post about it. Still just feeling so positive about it and I’m trying to write more and stop being so negative about my work, you know, now I try to write and then rewrite, rework, redraft, etc. The other day I was awake at 2am writing and, I know this is real dorky and shows how much I need to get a life… when I was too tired to keep my eyes open I curled up with Xena on (I had it on whilst I was working) and wrapped my notebooks in my arms because I wasn’t ready to stop feeling connected to what I was writing yet… I’m comfortable with admitting that.

So, I’ve been kind of frustrated with my guitar playing lately. I want to break out of the cycle of using the G chord in every frelling song. I think I can count on one hand the number of songs I’ve written that don’t have that chord in. One. ONE! I’m not saying which one, see if you can work it out. Ha.
I’m trying to do something “creative”. I think I set myself a standard, raised the bar, with the introductions or opening sections, whatever you wanna call them, of songs like Destructo Girl and Time. They are interesting and fun to play and I’d like to do more things like that rather than playing chords all the damn time. I always feel really aware of the fact that maybe my audience is really bored of the music. But then again I am really self-critical when I get down to it.
I do wish I was a better guitarist. I need to stop being so lazy in my approach to playing. Set myself a minimal amount of time I have to spend a week playing cause right now it’s “oh, I feel like playing, let’s play some Pat Benatar… now let’s play some tracks from the Buffy musical… oh, while I’m here I’ll play a song of my own.”
I don’t think it would hurt to maybe seek some lessons again. It’s been so long since I had them. Two years I think. I need to relearn scales and stuff, just to get me going.

Been in the mood for change lately. Been trying to write about it. Been trying to live it. I even did something new with my hair.

Friday morning I leave for Florida. I’m really looking forward to it, especially cause I’m hoping it’ll get my writing even more. And I’ll be reading a lot too when I’m not out terrorizing those poor unsuspecting people.

I think I mentioned in a post a few months ago that I’d like to make another video… hopefully better quality than the Night Terrors video, although I enjoyed doing the art for that. That’d be a great project to work on when I get home.

I’m really just talking here. Feeling a sense of time. Like this is the time to be doing things, making changes, going with my passions…

So updates:

– New lyrics that are in their first drafts.
– Working on the music.
– Demoing when I get home
– I added more links for me (Reverbnation, Tumblr, etc) and also more support links (Lyric Lounge and Word!) at the side of the home page

I feel like I’m forgetting something pretty huge…

Much love

Casting Call…

Posted in Videos on June 25, 2010 by TheFifthSister

So I’m thinking of making a video for Here’s To You because it’s one of my favourite songs to play. I always dedicate it to my best friend because it really expresses the way our friendship is and it’s one of my better set of lyrics for sure.

So my idea is to include my friends out there in this video that will get uploaded to my YouTube page, my Myspace, etc. I would like people to record like a 30 second video of themselves either holding a photo of their best friend or actually with their best friend.

All videos can be sent to me at

I’ll see if this idea works out or not…

As ever, love, peace and hugs.
Much love

Musician’s Log. Stardate April 14th 2010

Posted in Just talking, Music, Videos on April 14, 2010 by TheFifthSister

First of all, happy birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar! (yeah, I’m a nerd)

Okay, now with updates. Let’s see.

I wrote a new song called Leaving Song which was written for my best friend who moves away for a few months for work. I’m going to upload that to myspace tomorrow. I really love her and am very proud of her for what she’s about to do. She’s my rock and a total inspiration. I wrote her a song to tell her how much she means to me and that no matter what, she’s always got me at her side supporting her. She really is one of the most incredible people that I know and I’m going to miss her. I know that she’ll always be there for me and I can’t wait for her to get home.

Awesome gig last weekend. It was so much fun. I enjoyed my set, played some songs I hadn’t played for people before and they were a hit.

Working on assignments (it’s slow work because I’m spending time with my friend before she goes away) and that’s, well, kinda frustrating actually. One of them is¬†anyway. I just don’t know what to do. Well, I have some idea but I’m really not sure how to execute it or if it’s even a good idea.

I don’t really have anything else for now. New song going up. I’d like to make a new video. I’m not sure for which song yet and what would happen. If y’all have suggestions please leave them here! All are welcome.

That’s it for now.
Take care. Much love and many hugs

More About Shannen

Posted in Just talking, Shannen Doherty, Videos on March 31, 2010 by TheFifthSister

Just a quick note, for anyone who read the previous post and wants to know why I’m such a huge fan of Shannen Doherty check out the song below. It explains nicely.

Musician’s Log. Stardate March 30th 2010

Posted in Just talking, Music, Videos on March 30, 2010 by TheFifthSister

Not a lot to report.

Just wrote a new song… and finally finished my alternate version of Ballad of Carter, Unrequited which deals with the same thing that BoC does, but it’s a bit more serious and not about Stargate SG-1 characters.

I’ve been thinking about doing another video. Not sure which song it would be for yet, and what kind of video it would be but it would be fun to do another one.

If you read this blog you may have noticed the new page entry “Tales of Modern Composition”. This is a diary I am keeping for one of my uni assignments. Hopefully things will become clearer with that and people will be interested in the work going on with it.

Girl and her Wolf play counts stands at 117 plays so far. It was 32 this time last week. So totally stoked! Thank you to everyone who listened to the song and thank you again to Ryan Copple and Team Riese for their hardwork on the series and for liking my song!

New song demoes coming in the next few days I hope. Check back soon!

Take care of yourself and loved ones. Much love and many hugs