A Star In The Sky

One night the stars looked down and to their great amazement they found a heart that shone brighter than any of the stars in the sky. The light from this heart guided those it loved through life and left happiness and joy wherever it went.

The stars realised that this was what had been missing from the night. They called down to the heart to join them and spread love over the world. As tough as it was to leave it’s loved ones the heart decided to go up to the sky. It became the brightest star in the night.

The heart guided the world by the strength of its light. It spread happiness to those who needed it. But most importantly it was still part of its loved ones lives. Could watch over and protect them. It saw every day of their lives, silently supporting and nudging in the right direction.

The loved ones were never alone. When they needed strength, love, hope; if they were alone or afraid; if they needed the heart all they needed to do was look to the brightest of all the stars and see it smiling down at them.

In memory of my Grandad, who passed away October 4th.
I miss him terribly.


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