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The Nubbin Song

Posted in Music, Sanctuary with tags , , on August 22, 2011 by TheFifthSister

Oh my gods, I can’t believe I didn’t blog this already!!

At the end of June, my good friend @Sez101 came to visit me for the afternoon. We often get together to discuss all things geeky and plan world domination convention trips and whatnot. On this particular day we went out for lunch, sat in various coffee shops across the city in amongst playing in geeky shops and getting errands done. She’s an avid Sanctuarian, like me,  and I’d been running some ideas by her for the original Sanctuary song I’m still working on. Being the loveable dork that she is she started singing jokey lyrics at me and that led to us bursting into The Monster Mash spontaneously in the middle of Superdrug (I think that’s where we were getting odd looks from other shoppers)

And that led to us seeking out a coffee shop with a quiet corner to allow us to delve deep into our geeky minds and pull out a parody of The Monster Mash based on one of our favourite Sanctuary episodes, season one’s Nubbins, picturing singing it for all our @GA_GD friends, Amanda Tapping and we got carried away with all the fun we were having…

We were very proud of ourselves. Sez is a great partner in crime and this was true more so than ever in this venture. I made a demo and posted it on my tumblr, facebook, twitter…. I can’t believe I didn’t post it here.

So please, if you are a fan of Sanctuary, check out this demo and the lyrics.

The demo can be found here: Nubbin Song [Demo]
The lyrics can be found here: Nubbin Song [Lyrics]

Neither myself, nor Sez, own the rights to either The Monster Mash, Sanctuary and any of the characters mentioned in this song. We are just two nerds having fun and expressing our love for one of our favourite franchises. Please enjoy!

And if you’re a Sanctuary fan, you may also be interested in my Stargate SG-1 inspired song, Ballad of Carter.

Now that I’ve shamelessly plugged myself sufficiently I’ll be off… Battle on!